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Hutton Intermediate Survey 2016

I like to come to school.

I have a close friend(s) at school.

Do social or friendship issues get in the way of your learning?

My teacher listens to me and my ideas.

My teacher believes I can learn.

I am recognized for good work and/or accomplishments at school.

Students at my school are friendly.

I feel pressure from other students in the school to do things I don't want to do.

Adults in this school treat me with respect.

Adults in the school treat students fairly.

I respect the adults in my school.

The adults in my school understand what my life is like outside of school.

(personal interests, hobbies, activities and achievements etc).

My teachers care about me.

There are adults at school I can trust and talk to when I am having problems.

I feel that I belong (I am accepted and liked) at my school.

If so can you please describe what is happening and how often you experience this?

(Please state your name and the adult you would like to speak to).